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SAP Africa Top Cloud Partner WYZE = Financial Security + Innovation Who is an Accountant? At WYZE, we believe an accountant isn’t just that boring guy who counts your money and does your taxes Your accountant is the guy who protects your wealth He’s the one who does the hard work you can’t or won’t do to keep your business ahead. We believe in partnering with our clients to leverage SAP Innovation to solve operational challenges & deliver strategic objectives. Technology SAP SuccessFactors: HR management in cloud Cloud-based human resource information system (HRIS). Built for modern and global workforces. READ MORE Performance & Goals Management: ₦2,749 Connect your people to their purpose READ MORE Employee Central: ₦3,614

Get real time analytics into your customers, employees, product and brand this Covid-19 Pandemic using SAP Qualtrics:

Hear every customer’s voice, capture realtime feedback and increase customer loyalty and spend.


Take action, Improve your employee experience by deploying listening posts at every key employee moment, and deliver recommended actions for the organization.


Understand your market and your competitors better than ever before.


Get faster, more frequent feedback and act quickly to make improvements.



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